Appetizer Menu

Speak to our Catering Coordinator who will advise accordingly and happily put together the perfect menu for you.

To help you with planning your own menu, we have listed a few considerations below.

Amount of food required – Full Cocktail Party – 12-14 pieces / Pre-Dinner Reception up to 6 pieces
Event Type – Casual or more of a Stylish Cocktail Reception.
Guest Type – Is there a prominent gender and / or age group?
Service Style– Buffet, Served or a combination of both.
Resources – Although a selection of hot and cold appetizers is normally preferred, consideration of onsite resources and length of service is essential when hot food is required.

Appetizer Menu

The selection below is derived from our most popular appetizers. For alternative options, please inquire and our Catering Coordinator can design a menu just for you.

Items are priced per dozen. Minimum order of 3 dozen per selection unless otherwise stated; at least 2 days notice normally applies to guarantee selection. Prices do not include delivery, servers or chaffing dishes please inquire if these services are required.

Chicken Wings $16.95/doz

Dry Garlic Ribs $14.50/doz

Teriyaki Meatballs $14.25/doz

Baby Cheddar Perogies with Onion and Sour Cream $8.95/doz Add Sausage $12.75/doz

Bacon scallops $16.95/doz

Glazed Honey Mustard Sausages $13.95/doz

Mini Vegetable Spring Rolls $14.25/doz

Vegetable Samosa $15.25/doz

Thai Chicken Sate $18.95/doz

Assorted Asian Appetizers – 4 dozen minimum $16.50/doz

Cocktail Sausage Rolls $8.95/doz

Assorted Mini Quiche $14.75/doz

Spanakopita $17/doz

Assorted Savoury Pastries $14.95/doz

Filled Mini Tortilla Shells $13.95/doz

Sushi $14.95/doz

Finger Wraps $13.75/doz

Bruschetta Crostini $14.95/doz

Watermelon Feta and Mint Skewers $14.95/doz

Caprese Skewers $14.95/doz

Meat Cheese and Olive Skewers (2 Doz Minimum) $14.95/doz

Papered Dessert Squares $13.95/doz

Fruit Tray Small $32.95, Medium $54.95, Large $77.00

Vegetable Tray Small $32.95, Medium $54.95, Large $77.00

Meat, Cheese or Combo Trays Small $65.45, Large $109.45

Deluxe Cheese Tray (Whole Cheeses) $109.45

Sample Menu

The menu below would work well for a minimum of 60 people requiring a full “meal” reception. It would be suitable for a fairly casual event set up as buffet style,or a combination of food stations and walk around service. Price starts from $19.50 per person plus tax. Additional charges may be applicable (servers, gratuity, chaffing dishes and delivery)


Chicken Wings

BBQ Rib Bites

Italian Meatballs

Loaded potato skins

Lettuce wraps


Antipasto Skewers
Bruschetta Crostini
Tequila prawns

Fruit Tray
Vegetable Crudities with Dip